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Electrifying! - Innovative electric scooters

Silently they roll through the streets, pedestrians dislocating their necks as they jump out of the way to avoid them. All joking aside, e-Scooter are getting more and more popular and are clearly more than just a fad. In the era of diesel scandals, air pollution and congested roads, it’s high time to rethink how we get around: electric vehicles are the future - especially if they’re as much fun as electric scooters!

Stay clean

Nowadays, an ecologically-conscious lifestyle is more important than ever. Climate change and growing pollution are presenting people with completely new challenges. Therefore, new solutions are a must, particularly in our rapidly growing cities.

But there is hope. In addition to bikes and e-bikes, more and more smart alternatives are appearing on the market that are playing an important part in this transformation. E-scooters are an impressive example here – great fun for rolling through the city sustainably and flexibly.

Stress-free urban mobility

There’s no doubt about it: e-scooters are fun. You can practically float around on one – bypassing annoying traffic jams and stinky exhaust fumes as well as not arriving at your destination a sweaty mess. Depending on battery capacity, they can take you as far as 20 kilometres: perfect for getting to work or visiting friends. Batteries can be charged at any power outlet.

These practical vehicles can usually be folded up at the click of a button - great for commuters who want to take their scooters on the bus or train. They are also ideal for exploring the surrounding area while on holiday. When collapsed, they can fit in even the smallest car boot.

How they work

Driving these fun machines couldn't be easier. Step on, switch on, activate the engine and off you go! Have you ever ridden a non-electric scooter? If so, you’ll feel instantly at home on an e-scooter. If not, don't worry - thanks to the intuitive handling, you’ll get the hang of it within seconds.

Able to achieve speeds of up to 20 km/h, e-scooters don’t have to hide in the shadows of bikes or e-bikes. With surprisingly good acceleration, you’ll quickly be riding along with a smile on your face. One thing’s for sure: walking will soon start to seem boring in comparison!

Good braking = essential

When you’re having fun riding your e-scooter, being able to brake efficiently is an absolute must. The type of braking system depends on the manufacturer. Models approved for road use are legally required to have two independent braking systems. Typically, this means a brake lever on the handlebars in combination with a foot brake over the rear wheel.

While most e-scooters use conventional technology, you’ll also find some impressive newer features on certain models. For example, manufacturer CITYBUG uses a new ‘Push & Pull’ system: here you accelerate by pushing the handlebars slightly forward and brake by pulling them back.

For a relaxed and safe ride, we recommend scooters with cruise control and anti-lock brakes. Some models have features such as lights, indicators, horns, shock absorbers, energy recovery systems, smartphone app compatibility and replacement batteries.

Science fiction? Well…not exactly!

E-scooters aren’t the only electrically-powered vehicles enjoying increased popularity at the moment. Hoverboards have been delighting kids for quite some time and manufacturers like Segway are turning the market upside down: futuristic means of transport like their e-Skates show what’s possible today - back to the future, anyone?

Stay smart

No matter how much fun e-scooters are, you should always take care to drive carefully and respectfully. Simply keeping your eyes open and looking at what’s coming up ahead of you is half the battle. If you keep the following points in mind, nothing will stand in the way of carefree cruising:

Always wear a helmet
There’s no doubt about it – you must wear a helmet! Anyone on the road without one is taking their life into their own hands!

Stay on the tarmac
If possible, only ride on smooth, asphalted surfaces. E-scooters are unfortunately not (yet) suitable for off-road terrain.

Got permission?
Are you allowed to ride your e-scooter on the road or pavement in your country? Be very careful to make sure you’re not breaking any laws. On the other hand, riding an e-scooter on private ground is also a lot of fun!

Get insured
If you’re using your e-scooter in public spaces, we strongly recommend taking out liability insurance. Without it, even small mishaps can become really expensive!


  • Completely stress- & emission-free
  • A clean alternative to the car
  • Unlimited driving fun
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport
  • Silent
  • No parking headaches